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Vacations in Villach


Villach is, besides the capital of Carinthia – Klagenfurt, one of the biggest and most modern towns of Carinthia. The southern flair, zest for life, carinthian charm, a unique landscape and a gastronomy of high quality are waiting for you. In this city modernity and zest of life are great combined.
In 1240 Villach was called a town for the first time. Peculiarities of this town are the "Roman Path" and Warmbad Villach. The Roman Path is a street in a rock and belonged to the most important antic streets in former times that went from Italy to the east of the Alps. Already in prehistory this path has been used and it kept its function also in times after the Romans. Roman scriptures in Warmbad indicate a use of the thermal springs there in the past, which are international popular and famous.
Villach knows celebrating parties: The Kirchtag and the carnival of Villach are a big success every year. The region Villach offers in all seasons – no matter if it’s spring, summer, autumn or winter – a plenty of possibilities. The lake Faaker See and the Ossiacher See are two crystal-clear lakes with drinking water quality. Here the summer is bearable! The Alps in Villach, the so called Dobratsch and Gerlitzen Alp, are centres of winter and summer sports. The traditional thermal spring Warmbad-Villach in the south of the city is since the Roman Times a famous place for cure, health and wellness.

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